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Chakra Life System
* Used daily, this system helps to create harmony on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

* Increase energy and mental focus.


Another new addition is the Perkl-Light™-- a powerful, portable bioenergetic treatment device.  The Perkl-Light™ uses a brand-new light-based technology to balance chakras, meridians, body-systems, and do other custom energy-work. It can energetically clear and reprogram crystals, jewelry, and eyeglasses.  What fun it is to look out at the world through qualities of clarity, joy, and freedom! 

You are welcome to try the Perkl-Light or a Chakra Balancing the next time you come in for a Quantum Pulse session.  Though there  is currently no specific charge for  these extra services when you come in for a session, donations are welcome and encouraged.