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David - LeHigh, FL
Symptoms: Colon Cancer

Testimonial: My wife underwent an operation in March 2003 for colon cancer. After four sessions her energy level has picked up dramatically. She worked almost all day in the yard Sunday in scorching heat, she hasn't had the energy to work in the yard since last January.

Joe - Greeley, CO, Age 45, Male
Symptoms: Chronic insomnia.

Testimonial: I have been averaging about 3 three hours of sleep per night for about a year. After the first VIBE session I slept for 9 hours. My insomnia has not returned.

Minor child - Greeley, CO, Age 4, Female
Symptoms: Motor skills disorder that effects speech.

Testimonial by grandmother: After the first 30-second session this little girl, who had not been able to form a sentence told the technician "Thank you Lady". The entire family, who came with the child to the session, was astounded that she spoke so clearly and actually formed a real sentence. Upon coming for the second session, the Stepmother of the child said her speech therapist said, "I don't know what you guys are doing for her, but keep it up!"

Randy - Greeley, CO, Approx 40 years old, Male
Symptom: Diabetes

Testimonial: My feet were swollen and purple as a result of my diabetes. After several VIBE sessions, the swelling was remarkably less and the color was almost back to normal.

Dan - Greeley, CO, Age 42, Male
Symptoms: Lung cancer, diagnosed with 16 months to live.

Testimonial: After 5 months of regular VIBE sessions (2-minute sessions, 4 times per week) I was tested by my oncologist and told that there was no cancer detected in my body. I'm going snowmobiling!

Peggy - Carlton, MO, Age 50, Female
Symptoms: After a biopsy diagnosed by physician with breast cancer in July 2002.

Testimonial: I purchased my VIBE Machine in July,2002. I had 2 lumps in my right breast, one nickel size, one dime size. I also had several smaller lumps and lesions. I began using my machine one minute per day. Within two weeks, my energy levels tripled. I went in for another biopsy at the end of July. My physician confirmed that I only had one pea-sized lump left. I used no other cancer treatments and am glad I used this machine rather than having the radical mastectomy. In August I went in for a mammogram and they found my breasts free of cancer!

Helen - Greeley, CO, Age 62, Female
Symptoms: Cancer in the brain, diagnosed as terminal.

Testimonial: I have undergone two operations for brain cancer to no avail and was taken off of all medication except for pain and anti-inflammation medicine. I was told I had 2 months to live. I have lost all short-term memory and can be very disoriented. I get terrible headaches every 2-3 hours around the clock. I sat in front of the VIBE Machine for four 1-minute sessions. I went through an entire weekend without a headache. After that, I didn't have a headache for the entire week. I had been on 4 Decradon a day (a steroid to keep the swelling down) and my physician cut them back to 3 a day. I will go in a couple of weeks for another MRI.

Michelle - Sacramento, CA, Age 53, Female
Symptoms: Diagnosed by physician with Brachiometarsus (a congenital condition in which the inside bones of the foot are half the size they should be) and with plantar faciitis. Unable to stand and walk after sitting for a few minutes without terrific heal pain, especially in the left foot.

Testimonial: I was told by my physician to stay off my tiptoes, wear shoes at all time, and to exercise my feet. This wasn't working; I had to wear the braces during the day and to bed at night. After fourteen 1-minute VIBE sessions over a period of 4 days I returned home to California. I discovered the heal pain was almost gone. I had MRI's about four months ago that showed degeneration in C3-C7. This causes pain in my shoulder; I noticed this too was gone. I can now make a fist with my left hand. a strong, tight, fist! My left pinky finger has had such bad arthritis that I haven't been able to do this prior to the VIBE sessions. I can feel all parts of that finger. Thanks to the VIBE Machine!

Sandi - Greeley, CO, Age 42, Female
Symptoms: Fibroid tumors, excessive bruising.

Testimonial: After several VIBE Machine sessions I noticed that I had less bruising then normal so it seems to have increased my blood circulation. In addition, my hairdresser was surprised to notice that I had a lot of new hair growth around my forehead; she wanted to know if I was using a special hair-growth shampoo. Most importantly, I seem to have passed five fibroid tumors. During my last visit with my OBGYN I told her about the tumors and she said it was entirely possible that they dislodged and passed.

Donald - Boulder, CO, Age 45, Male
Symptoms: Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, failing eyesight.

Testimonial: I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue for a number of years. After my first 1-minute session on the VIBE Machine I felt more energetic than I had in years. My wife noticed a huge change in my mood and willingness to socialize. I feel like this machine is miraculous. Even my eyesight seems to have balanced out and improved.

Theresa - Greeley, CO, Age 35, Female
Symptoms: Lupus

Testimonial: I had 75 % less shaking after four 1-minute sessions and can sleep through the night now.

Kit - Greeley, CO, Age 50, Female
Symptoms: Borderline diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, difficulty breathing.

Testimonial: I've been coming for VIBE session since September 2002. I recently had a complete medical work up. I am no longer borderline-diabetic. My cholesterol and blood pressure are normal. I am able to control the symptoms of my congestive heart failure by regular visits to the VIBE Machine.

Cheri - Greeley, CO, Age 28, Female
Symptoms: Large Goiter on Thyroid Gland

Testimonial: I went for an examination by my physician after four 1-minute sessions on the VIBE Machine. The large lump was completely undetectable.

Dave - Greeley, CO, Age 56, Male
Symptoms: Diagnosed with Leukemia, being given oxygen and fed through a tube inserted into the stomach, given 2 weeks to live.

Testimonial: After the first two weeks of sessions on the VIBE Machine I was able to get off the oxygen and eat normally, without the tube, after 2 more weeks I gained about 10 pounds, and now, after a month, I'm feeling better and am continuing to improve.

Mary - Ft. Collins, CO, Age 60, Female
Symptoms: Chronic lower back and hip pain.

Testimonial: I had not been able to sit down comfortably for 4 months. After just four sessions I was so impressed by my improvement I bought a VIBE Machine for my own personal use!

Larry - Cheyenne, WY, Age 52, Male
Symptoms: Had large wart on finger of left hand for years, muscle fatigue, mid-back muscle spasms.

Testimonial: After one 3-minute VIBE Session, the wart was reduced by 90%. I feel this is a virus and if the machine can do this, it can certainly help my system internally. I'm bringing my friends tomorrow.

Reitman - Miami, FL, Age 50, Male
Symptoms: Prostate Cancer, irisitis (burning eyes), chronic neck pain for years.

Testimonial: After five days of VIBE Sessions the burning in my eyes and neck pain disappeared. The symptoms of my prostate cancer were greatly improved. I also passed a very large parasite.

Male - Denver, Colorado, Approx. Age 48
Symptoms: Chronic Constipation since childhood

Testimonial: After my very first 2 minute VIBE Session, I had 6 bowel movements over the next 12 hours.

Lloyd - Cottage Grove, MN, Age 45, Male
Symptoms: I was diagnosed in November, 2002 with pancreatic cancer. I underwent radiation and chemotherapy until March at which time I was told the tumor had grown and that the cancer had spread to my lung, lymph nodes and liver. My condition was then rated at stage 4 (which is the most serious stage of cancer).

Testimonial: After 5 days of VIBE sessions I returned to MN and underwent a CAT scan. The tumors had ceased to grow for the first time and some had actually shrunk as much as 25%. I returned two more times to CO for 1-week sessions. I recently purchased a VIBE Machine and use it regularly. Lloyds sister called to update VIBE Technologies 5/2/2003: Lloyd had a test where they insert a scope/camera down his throat and found that the tumor has turned from black to white (which is positive)

Harold - Greeley, CO, Approx Age 55
Symptoms: High Cholesterol

Testimonial: After a workup by my physician I am happy to report that my cholesterol went from 260 down to 160. Taking VIBE sessions are the only thing I have done differently.

“D” - Greeley, CO, Age 30, Female
Symptoms: Clinical Depression & Anxiety.

Testimonial: After one session with the VIBE Machine I was able to stop taking my prozac…I feel great!

Annie - Crescent City, Age 50, Female
Symptoms: DDT poisoning and parasites contracted while in South America.

Testimonial: During my sessions with the VIBE Machine I passed a parasite that I had picked up in South America. I have not had one of my episodes since taking the sessions. I love this machine so I bought one!

Alice - Keenesburg, CO, Age 50, Female
Symptoms: Nervous disorder

Testimonial: After several VIBE sessions I am feeling more relaxed and able to function.

Anna - Longmont, CO, Age 40, Female
Symptoms: Parkinson's Disease

Testimonials: After my first 2-minute VIBE session I noticed considerably less trembling.

Sandra - Boulder, CO, Age 40, Female
Testimonial: I have been taking sessions on the VIBE Machine for approximately 4 months for energy boosting and general health improvement. As a healer, I feel it necessary to explore many different alternative medicine techniques. I took a session on another electromagnetic device claiming to be superior to the VIBE Machine and was in bed for an entire day afterwards. It feels like I “undid” the positive results I had with the VIBE Machine. I'll stick with the VIBE Machine from now on!

Loni - Boulder, CO, Age 40, Female
Testimonial: I am primarily using the VIBE Machine to increase my spiritual and metaphysical capabilities. It has helped me develop these at a much higher rate of speed.

Gwilda - Longmont, CO, Age 40, Female
Symptoms: None noted

Testimonial: As a alternative medicine practitioner myself I can see the amazing benefits this device has on people with various disorders. I'm sending several of my clients to the VIBE Machine to further their treatments.

Shelia - England, Age 82, Female
Symptoms: Low energy, parasites.

Testimonial: After one 2-minute VIBE session I passed a four inch parasite and have significantly more energy.

Practitioner in Florida
Testimonial: After setting up the VIBE Machine at my practice I have had 5-10 individuals per hour in front of it with, in some cases, no less than miraculous results.

Jake (M.D.) - Boulder, CO, Age 37, Male
Symptoms: No physical symptoms noted.

Testimonial: I was very impressed with my time in front of the VIBE Session. After one 3-minute session I felt better than I have in my life and it lasted for a full week. I'll be back!!

Don - Denver, CO, Age 55, Male
Symptoms: Discoloration (purple), swelling and numbness of the legs from the knees down for unknown reason.

Testimonial: After ten 2-minute sessions the swelling in my legs has decreased, they are returning to a more natural color and the numbness is significantly reduced. My physical therapist is amazed by my progress and wants me to continue both the sessions with the VIBE Machine as well as therapy.

Practitioner in Florida
Testimonial: After purchasing the VIBE Machine (3 weeks ago) we have 50 people coming for VIBE session with nothing less than miraculous results.

Tom - Boulder, CO, Age 44, Male
Symptoms: Snoring

Testimonial by wife: Tom used to keep me awake every night with his chronic snoring. After the first 2-minute VIBE session I was finally able to get some sleep. We'll be back!

Dee - Denver, CO, Age 38, Female
Symptoms: High concentration of heavy metals in system.

Testimonial: After 2 months of VIBE sessions I had a blood test that showed the concentration of heavy metals in my system had decreased by 75%. I have made no other changes in my diet or taken any treatments.

Christine - Greeley, CO, Age 35, Female
Symptoms: Migraine Headaches and not sleeping well.

Testimonial: I was taking Midrin, about a bottle of Advil per week and Tylenol PM to help me sleep. After eight 1-minute sessions I have quit taking both medications and am sleeping normally. I feel like a new person and am so grateful to have found the VIBE Machine.

Ingrid - Boulder, CO, Age 44, Female
Symptoms: Chronic back pain due to an auto accident in 1996 and not sleeping well.

Testimonial: After my first 1-minute VIBE session I slept through the night and felt refreshed the next morning. After three 1-minute sessions, my back pain is gone for the first time in six years. My friends have commented that I'm back to my old self and seem really "up" and happy.

Wayne - San Francisco, CA, Age 53, Male
Symptoms: Tinnitus (ringing in the ears has become progressively worse over the last 5 years)

Testimonial: After two 2-minute sessions on the VIBE Machine I had about 50% less ringing and after four more 2-minute sessions it was up to about 90% less ringing.

Phillip - Boulder, CO, Age 27, Male
Symptoms: Diagnosed by physician with testicular cancer. Right testicle removed because of a very large tumor. Told he had a 50%+ chance of cancer having a re-occurrence in his lymph nodes or lungs.

Testimonial: I started using the VIBE Machine for three 3-minute sessions per week. Each time I used the machine I could feel a great amount of energy in my fingertips and circulating through the rest of my body. I had the feeling that each cell of my body was getting "charged". Now 2 months after my surgery I was tested for cancer. I tested negative and my numbers are lower then expected. Everything looks clear and I owe such great results to the help of this wonderful machine. You can call me about my experience at (303) 417-1320.

Ron - Greeley, CO, Age 65, Male
Symptoms: Diabetes. Blood sugar running between 230-290. Taking 1000 units of glucophage twice a day.

Testimonial: I have not been able to maintain control despite my diet change, exercise and medicine. I stood in front of the VIBE Machine for one minute, went home and took my blood sugar reading and it was 121. Two days later I returned for another minutes session. This time when I tested my blood sugar it was 111. My blood sugar continues to come down and I am confident it is a direct result of the VIBE Machine.

Christine - Colorado, Age 53, Female
Symptoms: Diagnosed by physician to have cancer in the throat.

Testimonial: I used the VIBE Machine for one minute per day for three days. One week later my physician examined me and he said the cancer appeared to be gone and the lumps on my throat passage had scaled off. My throat and my voice have gone back to normal.

Brian - Carlton, CO, Age 38, Male
Symptoms: Constipation, arthritis, sleep difficulty and lack of energy.

Testimonial: I tried the VIBE Machine for three to four minutes and got miraculous results. I go to the bathroom regularly now, my joints quit hurting, I sleep like a baby and my energy level is up. This truly is an energy machine!

Jeff - Colorado, Age 47, Male
Symptoms: Migraine headaches.

Testimonial: I have had migraine headaches for over 7 years. I take a prescription pill when they occur which costs $21 per pill. These headaches generally occur almost every morning. After one 1-minute VIBE session I have not had a headache since.

Gene - Greeley, CO, Age 51, Male
Symptoms: Arthritis in joints, failing eyesight.

Testimonial: I stood in front of the VIBE Machine for one minute and I had noticeable results. I could get in and out of the car with no pain and also noticed my eyesight was better. Now I can read the newspaper without my glasses.

Chuck - Lafayette, CO, Age 64, Male
Symptoms: Diabetes, kidney problems and an eye floater.

Testimonial: I was supposed to go on dialysis 2 months ago or have a kidney transplant. My creatin level as at 25 (normal is between 1 and 1.7). I had 12 operations on my feet and lost all feeling in them. I have been on insulin for 10 years and have had special shoes made for me for over 2 ears at a cost of $1200 a pair. My left leg had had an ulcer on the bottom sole, which I treat with medicated cream every night. I had four minutes in front of the VIBE Machine. I immediately begin to get feeling in my foot again for the first time in years. The first session, the floater in my eye disappeared. That night I had a huge human waste discharge. The next day my bowels were normal. My blood sugar has averaged between 140 and 170. Her is a list of my blood sugar levels for the last five days, 103, 97, 101, 87, 81. I have great energy levels and I can walk and stand much better. I'm more alert and I really feel good. I also feel like the ulcer on my foot is getting smaller. My entire body had more strength!

Kristin - Greeley, CO, Age 20, Female
Symptoms: Problems sleeping through the night.

Testimonial: After one minute in front of the VIBE Machine I really did not notice any difference until that night. I had the best night's sleep ever.

Archie - Loveland, CO, Age 71, Male
Symptoms: Diagnosed by physician with prostate cancer.

Testimonial: I was getting up to urinate up to five times every night. After six 1-minute sessions with the VIBE Machine I am now only having to get up one or two times a night.

Don - Johnstown, CO, Age 62, Male
Symptoms: Failing Eyesight

Testimonial: After six 1-minute Vibe sessions my eyesight has improved significantly.

Colleen - San Francisco, CA, Age 47, Female
Symptoms: Menopausal

Testimonial: After using the VIBE Machine for several 2-minute sessions over a three-day period I noticed my hot flashes were about 50% as severe and I was less irritable.

Beulah - Greeley, CO, Age 66, Female
Symptoms: Arthritis in thumbs for over 10 years, with constant pain.

Testimonial: After four 1-minute VIBE sessions I noticed my thumbs no longer hurt.

Marlene - Greeley, CO, Age 48, Female
Symptoms: Diagnosed with breast cancer.

Testimonial: After three weeks in front of the VIBE Machine 2 lumps have disappeared and I have noticed reduction of the baseball-size tumor in my breast.

Cloe - Greeley, CO, Age 4 months, Female
Symptoms: Crying all the time, a Colic baby.

Testimonial: After 30 seconds in front of the VIBE, Cloe will now sleep through the entire night without crying or awakening.

Nick, Longmont, CO, Age 16 , Male
Symptom: Extreme stuttering for several years, very self conscious when talking to people.

Testimonial: After five sessions in front of the VIBE Machine I was able to give two presentations in front of my classmates without any stuttering.

Approx 50 years old, Male
Symptom: Individual diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

Testimonial by Practitioner in Southern California : Individual could not walk without tipping forward and stumbling, sometimes falling forward. After two minutes in front of the VIBE Machine he has considerable less shaking and is able to walk across room with no loss of balance. After 3 minutes sleeping through the night and after 4 minutes was able to write his name.

Approx 45 years old, Male
Symptom: Individual has acute snoring

Testimonial by Practitioner: After one VIBE session the individual reported they had stopped snoring.

Aaron - Loveland , CO
Symptom: Diagnosed with severe Colitis.

Testimonial: After four VIBE sessions had more energy and a general sense of well-being.

Muffin - Greeley, CO, 12 years old, Canine (Pug Breed)
Symptom: Fluid in lungs

Testimonial: After several sessions with the VIBE Machine Muffin experienced noticeably less coughing and fluid build up in her lungs.

Layne - Lafayette, CO, Approx. 45 years
Symptom: Chronic Constipation

Testimonial: I have had chronic constipation for years, after two 2-minutes session, I had significant relief.

Cindy - Boulder, CO, Approx 43 years old, Female
Symptom: Nasal Virus

Testimonial: I picked up a painful virus from swimming which caused irritation in my nose for two years. After four or five VIBE sessions the pain and inflammation went away completely.

Claudius - Longmont, CO , approx 2 years old, Feline (cat)
Symptom: Shoulder injury

Testimonial: After being almost completely incapacitated by a shoulder injury, Claudius took several 30-second VIBE sessions. He is back to his old self and appears to be free from any pain.

Richard - Ft. Lupton, CO, approx 45 years old, Male
Symptom: Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears)

Testimonial: After two 2-minute VIBE sessions the ringing in my ears went away. I am very pleased with my results.

Vidya - Boulder, CO, Age 57, Female
Symptoms: Enlarged Thyroid - Heavy Metal Toxicity - Low Energy

Testimonial: Spiritual, Emotional & Physical Blessings. The detoxing I have experienced has shown up in physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Each of my sessions I've dropped into my heart and out of my head more aware than ever, watching the energy travel through my body with sensations and emotions releasing from old childhood memories . As my heart opened more with every session so did the energy increase in my body and 3rd eye. This is truly a spiritual gift in raising consciousness as well as physically healing. I am so grateful. I look forward to using the machine on a regular basis.

"As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, your best chance of living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals and learn nutrition, herbal medicine and other forms of natural medicine unless you are fortunate enough to have a naturopathic physician available. Almost all drugs are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone. Vaccines are highly dangerous, have never been adequately studied or proven to be effective, and have a poor risk/reward ratio. Most surgery is unnecessary and most textbooks of medicine are inaccurate and deceptive. Almost every disease is said to be idiopathic (without known cause) or genetic - although this is untrue. In short, our main stream medical system is hopelessly inept and/or corrupt. The treatment of cancer and degenerative diseases is a national scandal. The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be."----Dr. Allan Greenberg 12/24/2002