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A new website for brain injury survivors, family, friends, and caregivers

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What makes this site any different from all the other TBI sites here in cyberspace? Nothing, really. It's so important for people with TBI to do research to understand TBI better, get peer support, network, and to keep up with all the latest cutting edge treatment for TBI. The internet is a perfect place to do all of the above efficiently and quickly. This site encourages your participation on all levels. As you explore our pages, you will find many opportunities to be a part of what we're doing here. Go ahead and jump in when you feel the time is right!

Family, friends, and caregivers who are a crucial support for people with TBI are very important here too!

What's New?

HEADS UP! was initiated on May 24, 2001. We're excited about the possibilities!

This website was created to be of service and support to people. That is our sole purpose.

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Yes, it's possible! TBI survivors really can enjoy life!

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