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"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."

---Ben Sweetmand

Update--February 2007--Though it's been a very pleasant process, we have decided to stop accepting applications for the award via this page.  There are two reasons:  We are receiving multiple spam emails each day that originate from the application form on this page, and also because we haven't received any actual applications in a few years.  The page will stay as it is, but the application form has been removed.  You are welcome to reach us via our CONTACT page if you are a real person reading this with your own two eyes and want to apply for the award!!  The award application page as originally written follows:
I don't know if you've noticed this, but it is pretty easy to win awards for web sites out here in cyberspace! And even the simplest attempt at web building requires much time and concentration, not to mention creativity and knowledge. So the easy-to-get awards are really quite useful, and encouraging.

This Web Site of Compassion Award now offered by New Margretville is not so easy to come by. All are welcome to apply, though. The basic criteria are as follows:

1. Webmasters are welcome to apply; we also accept applications from those who would like to suggest another's site for the award. Webmaster must be 14 years of age or older in order for site to be entered.

2. Nonprofit & non-business sites preferable; all will be considered.

3. The site must in some way encourage and/or embody compassion.

4. Proper grammar and spelling, and a good editing skills are a plus!

5. Creativity will be considered.

6. Ease of navigation is important too.

7. Clarity of message...your site's overall message needs to be clear to humans reading the site, not just to robotic creatures that crawl through sites for the search engines!

8. No pornography sites need apply

9. I know that contradicts the fact that I said anyone can apply. Well, there are exceptions to every rule.

10. Sense of humor helps.

plaque design choices shown-choose 1 after you win

Award blanks for awards #4 and #5 courtesy of ArtGekko artist Marilyn Buck

Award blank for award #6 courtesy of Emerald Eyes

Award graphics #2 and #3 by mesweet.net

Thank You!