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As the gap between poverty and privilege keeps widening, Americans search even more desperately for affordable housing. Mobile homes are a viable option for many.

A Family of 4

this is what affordable housing looks like for many Americans

...once lived in this tiny trailer. This same family now lives in an urban homeless shelter. They lost everything when a member of the family became ill with leukemia and medical insurance alone wasn't enough to cover the hospital costs.

Trailer Parks have become one of the last remaining outposts of affordable housing available to American families today!

We publish visitors' articles. Your article could be here. Do you have a story to tell about life in a mobile home? Good or bad, happy or sad--we want your story.

email TrailerParkMuseum now

Photos (jpeg or gif) and illustrations are also sought for this page. You will receive credit for all written and visual submissions.

another mobile home, this is a MUSEUM, after all..

The Lounge Lizard has moved...glad you found us...step on in!

Welcome to the Lounge Lizard!

Time to sit back, relax, have a bite to eat, and toss back a few cool ones?


Then head for the Lounge Lizard Bar & Grille in revitalized East New Margretville, a swingin' place where you can step to the beat of a different drummer.

Whether you like to listen to live blues, rock, or jazz, or just our good ol' juke box, this is the place to gather. Bring your designated driver along, though, because we support your total safety.

March 2002 Lyrics at the Lizard
Why don't you step on over and take a look at some favorite song lyrics we've just started adding? More will be coming along soon, just wait and see. Any requests?


Bob DylanLyrics Freak: fabulous resourceButch Hancock
Requests, anyone?The sky's the limit...dIVERGE-good lyrics resource

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