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We're here to explore the huge gap between poverty and privilege...and all of the marvelous volunteering
opportunities that exist in the grey area in between!

Our Mission

We are but a tiny cog in the great wheel of evolution. Encouraging awareness and communication is one of the core elements of New Margretville. Peaceful positive change for this world we live in is the greater good we aspire to. We hope we will inspire you to similar aspirations!

Our History

We began as margaretville.8k.com on April 4, 2001. A community in cyberspace isn't born overnight; Margaretville evolved very slowly, conceived originally as a computing beginner's practice template! We received much encouragement and positive feedback from those who found our site on the world wide web. Friends and family were also key support to our site during this entire building and revising process.

On June 11, a technical error caused our site to be deleted from it's original host. Because we are quite new at website building, we did not save very much of our text, links, or photos to disk. Most of what comprised our site was saved only on a web-based databank, which was also lost. So Margaretville was re-created as New Margretville.

And then, shortly after New Margretville was created, Ye Olde Margaretville mysteriously re-appeared, and the 2 "villes" co-existed in cyberspace, each with their own faithful visitors, until recently. As of Thanksgiving 2002, the original site is gone. Goodbye Margaretville.



it's no mystery::new m-ville is wherever m goes


May 2005......Newsflash....Ye Olde Margaretville has risen from the veritable ashes once again.  The US is still participating the the Iraq war, our soldiers are dying senselessly, and life goes on.  Am I a foolish idealist to want peace?  Isn't peace and harmony among the societies and nations that make up the Earth the only way the planet itself will continue to exist?  I'm just one webmaster spitting forth opinions.  Write to me and share yours, please. 

Back to the topic:  Original Margaretville has resurfaced after being unaccessible for quite some time.  It has special sentimental value for me, as it was my first practice website,  and through creating and updating it I learned how to build website.  Don't know if you'll find as much fun and excitement in it as I have.

This New Margretville website was created simply because one day the Margaretville website simply vanished, and was thought to be lost forever.  I won't bore you with every little detail. 

Thanks for being here.  Your time and attention are appreciated. 

time to present the Phoenix Arising from Ashes Award to:


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