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*  This is not breaking news;  it is September 21, 2006 as I am writing this update.  Most of you have heard over the years that the thousands of people who toiled for endless hours cleaning up at Ground Zero are getting ill and dying from respiratory and other illnesses.  There are also thousands of media articles about this phenomenon everywhere.  Your humble webmaster thought this was a good resource for information about this topic:

Ground Zero Workers Dying

in remembrance

Words Cannot Begin to Communicate the Depth & Intensity of This Tragedy

What is happening in our world? Why did this happen? There are many questions and few answers. We invite you to join us in a moment of silence; there's a virtual candle at the bottom of this page in remembrance of those who have died, those who have been injured, and their families and friends. Why not focus on what you can do to take the best care possible of yourself, and to be kind and respectful to your family, neighbors, friends, and co-workers? There's so much each of us can do.