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Congratulations to those who've won New Margretville's Website of Compassion award

want to apply?  go to our application page...

The Colors of Life/Les Couleurs de la Vie...............a visually striking site by Toi Nguyen...was the 1st to win our award in Fall, 2001.

A Great Day.......Fall a very upbeat and positive site created by a Mother whose son was born with Down's Syndrome. The rights of disabled people are thoroughly explored and addressed here.

Lynda Appell Core DisABILITIES Resources........... is a Winter 2001 winner. In her well-researched informational site, Lynda states: "Knowledge is empowerment." We agree! This site is all about disabled peoples' rights.

Michele Deradune's Home Page ..........a virtual wellspring of compassion, this site has won the award in Spring 2002.

SnowsWorld..............Spring not only compassionate in regard to those whose lives have been profoundly affected by drunk drivers, but also is creative & original in its artistic excellence!

Butterfly Gardener's Association..........Spring a global peace-focused nonprofit located in Northern California. A quote from their marvelously high-energy website of compassion: " It is said that a butterfly can, with a flap of its wings, change the world and that the ripple it sends out can spawn a hurricane. The butterfly initiative intends to do just that and become a catalyst for helping to co create a culture of world peace and global harmony. The butterfly could be the key to what we call the 'paradigm shift'." Incredible organization; well-done site.

Millenium Women Network....Spring 2002......We discovered this website in December 2001 when a friend nominated our site for the Truth and Spirit Award that they offer. Millenium Women Network is focused on empowering women, and they provide much inspiration and encouragement for so many. Thank you for what you do, MWM!

Kindness In Action (KIA).....Spring more than just a website! Ruth B. is the webmaster here, and she also created the KIA webring. Both website and webring encourage kindness on the World Wide Web and in real life--kindness towards all of Earth's creatures. Although she is dealing with challenging personal health issues, Ruth manages to keep doing website, webring, and newsletters, all for the sake of encouraging kindness. Thank you, Ruth!

Litware.......yet another Spring 2002 award winner! James Davidson is the webmaster here. Here's how he describes LitWare:" ....helping people with reading, spelling and literacy. Rust never sleeps ..........Learning never ceases." We agree, and also would add that teaching, in any format or setting, is certainly an act of compassion.

Lions Club a late Spring 2002 winner of the Website of Compassion award. Although the website is more recent, this club has served the community of Marseilles (Provence, South France) since 1964. According to webmaster Lionel A. Bouchon, the club's main activities include supporting a Talking Book Library, Sihanoukville Orphanage, and Humani Terra International. In accepting New Margretville's award, Mr. Bouchon said:
"Dear Margaret,
I thank you for this award and your kind comment. Thank you again and "respectueux hommages" as we say in France."
You're welcome, Lionel!

Alliance For A Clean an early Summer 2002 award winner. Webmaster Barb describes her site as "a non-profit grass-roots organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and seeking ways to eliminate unsafe exposure to hazardous substances in our community in an effort to help each other and especially those most vulnerable, children, the elderly and those already sick." Here is yet another locale in cyberspace that embodies the kind of compassion we created this award to recognize. Kudos, Barb!

Ipameri........has received our award in February 2005, and is a website about the city of Ipameri. This colorful site contains links and references indicating a measurable attitude of compassion. This site also contains the city's history, photos, videos, maps, tours, literature, free services, city links and more. Thanks so much for applying, Lupercio! Great website!

Salamanders Young Burn Survivors

Designed for children and young people, Salamanders Young Burn Survivors gives information on burns and first aid and has links to further information, plus a contact base for burn survivors.  This is a helpful and essential service for these brave young people.  This website wins our Compassion award for February and March, 2008!